Bony Socks

About Us

History of Bony Textile


Bony Socks was established by Hasan Gülkaya in 1986 It is one of Europe’s largest socks manufacturer producing men’s, women’s, children’s and baby socks and tights for its own brand KATIA and the world’s leading brands.

Since the day it was founded, it has achieved a planned, scheduled and stable growth and has adopted customer-oriented working principles with a perfectionist attitude.

Bony Socks offers its customers the highest quality and fastest production with the latest technology machines and production systems in its own production area of 50.000 m2 for the world’s largest brands, especially in countries such as America, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

It continues to grow rapidly by closely following the world fashion with its expert design and technical team working at its “Design Center” and “R&D Center”, following domestic and international fairs and trends.

Bony has an annual production capacity of 120 million pairs of socks. All of the production is produced in its own facility. In addition, the company is able to provide the highest quality and fastest delivery services to its customers with the production, packaging and quality control system that can monitor every stage of production with the ERP operating system used by the company.

Considering customer satisfaction as one of its most important values, Bony Tekstil incorporates all kinds of technological investments and improves itself day by day in order to deliver on time and offer the desired quality to its customers.

The company takes pride in the stable development and growth brought about by its successful management, strong capital structure, rapid adaptation to developing technology and taking consumer trends into account.


Our vision

Becoming a sustainability-oriented, innovative, agile, reliable and most desired supplier of global socks manufacturers.

Our mission

To be the best in the wearable textile market by operating
with the principles of; unconditional customer satisfaction, following up and exercising technological developments closely, production of outstanding quality, regular new pattern design, well trained workforce and respect to the environment and human beings.

Why Bony?

One-step service solutions

We provide service that can include; ideation, design, development, prodcution, branding, marketing strategy and distribution to the customers warehouse.

High technology

We have a design team of 20 designator along with 3 designer. Our government approved design center can do product innovation, researches, functional fiber developments and wearable Technologies research.

Social responsibility and compliance

We have got the Supplier Produce and Quality System Certifications of more than 30 customers. We have Sedex, Oeko Tex, BSCI, OCS, GRS, ISO 9001, OHSAS certifications.

High capacity

We have 1.500 high technology computerized double cylinder and single cylinder toe closing machinery in our own facility. We are able to produce over 120 million pairs of socks annualy.

High quality

We have our own QC team over 20 people. We are doing both inline controls and final inspection before shipping every single unit to the customer.

On-time delivery

We are proud of our ontime delivery performance. We can do all the production plan monitör all the facility performance from our SAP system. It allowes us to see all the bottle necks in the prodcution area and let us take all the precaution in terms of delivery and quality problem.